About Us

Francestle Confectioneries (M) Sdn Bhd has been incorporated in Malaysia since 2009 and is specializes in manufacturing a wide range of chocolate products which includes:

Dragees Chocolate, Tiramisu Chocolate, Truffles Chocolate, Moulded Chocolate, Center-filled Chocolate, Mini Chocolate, Chocolate Bar, Chocolate with FruitsSugar Free Chocolate and many more.

Besides doing our own brands of chocolate, we also provide OEM, contract manufacturing or private label services for our customers based on their requirements. Our own brands of chocolate products include Alfredo, Bernique, Checkers and D’cocoa. Our company goal is to always supply high quality chocolate to customers at a reasonable price based on their needs and requirements.

All chocolates produced by the company are made with finest quality raw materials. In view of our quality products, the chocolates are sold both locally and internationally to several countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Africa, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries in the world to cater with different market segments.

Francestle chocolate products are Halal certified. We always strives towards manufacturing high quality products with good quality manufacturing system. Currently, our company has been awarded the GMP MS 1514: 2009 certification and has been implementing the HACCP control standards besides waiting for the certification of MS ISO 9001: 2010 Quality Management System.


Francestle is keen to continue expand their products to both local and international markets. Any interested party is welcome to contact us directly.

Our Brands