About Us

Francestle Confectioneries (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in 2009.  Francestle has a team of expertise who has vast experience in technological know-how in the chocolate industry and passion to constantly seek innovative product development, new creative ideas, recipes and packaging.  With the effort to continue upgrading and striving the best for the consumers, Francestle has successfully developed a diverse range of premium quality chocolate products to meet the consumers’ needs, market trends and special demand.

Francestle develops its own house brands of chocolates and does private label or contract manufacturing for customers. For every private label chocolate, Francestle shares with the customers of his expertise/experience in product design, product quality range, market view and recommendation.  Francestle believes customers success is a success to Francestle, therefore Franceslte is committed to offer good pricing, quality and new ideas for his customers.

Currently, Francestle’s house brands include Alfredo, Bernique, Checkers, D’cocoa and etc. Francestle premium chocolates are specially made from carefully-selected, premium real cocoa butter imported from Belgium and other countries. Its chocolate is smooth, melt-in-the-mouth and absolutely delicious for chocolate lovers.

The Company undertakes stringent manufacturing practices in order to deliver top-quality products. All Francestle products inclusive of Alfredo are certified with Halal Jakim MS 1500:2009, GMP MS 1514:2009, HACCP MS 1480:2007, Food Safety MS ISO 22000:2005 and QMS MS ISO 9001:2015.


With its  premium quality chocolate products, wide product range,  coupled with the Company’s dedicated marketing team, Francestle chocolates have penetrated the local and international markets such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines, etc.

Francestle welcomes interested parties who wish to export chocolates overseas or to engage the Company to do private labels, OEM or contract manufacturing. The company is also keen to collaborate with any buyer/importer to continue to expand their products to more foreign countries. Any interested party should contact the Company directly for business development.

Francestle is keen to continue expand their products to both local and international markets. Any interested party is welcome to contact us directly.

Our Brands